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Welcome! SnarkDreams Shisha Exports was an online hookah store open from early 2000 until 2003. I am no longer in business. These pages now exist only for historical purposes. Hopefully they may still be of some use to you.
        May you smoke in good company and peaceful times!

-- Zach Tomaszewski, Proprietor.

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What is shisha?
        Shisha is tobacco mixed with molasses and fruit flavors and is smoked in a hookah. It is very light and flavorful with a wonderful fruity aroma. It is smoked for the flavor and not for any kind of effect. Though the most popular flavor is apple, others include strawberry, pineapple, apricot, grape, rose, mint, and even cappuccino! (I have heard a rumor that there is an elusive cola flavor out there, but I have never actually encountered it.) In the Middle East, from Turkey to India, there are shisha cafes where people gather to smoke and drink coffee or tea. Smoking shisha can last two hours or more and is a very peaceful, social occassion generally filled with good conversation with friends.
2 example hookahs
A-in-W's Hookah Caterpillar So what is a hookah?
        A hookah is known by many different names in different parts of the world: a shisha, a nargile (pronounced nar-geelah), a hubble-bubble or hubbly-bubbly, a waterpipe. The most famous instance of hookah smoking is probably that of the caterpillar in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. A hookah consists of a hollow glass (sometimes clay or brass) base which is filled with water, a vertical pipe topped with a clay bowl for the shisha and coals, and a usually colorful hose. When one sucks on the hose, the smoke is drawn down the pipe and through the water, which cools and filters it. This also produces a peaceful bubbling sound. This sound is as delightful now as the prospect of blowing bubbles in a glass of milk was to most of us when we were in kindergarten. To learn more of the details of hookah anatomy and use, see Secrets of Good Hookah Smoking.
How unhealthy is shisha smoking?
        Since shisha is tobacco, smoking it likely involves some of the same ill effects as other types of smoking. However, whereas cigarette smoke fills my chest with a harsh, burning sensation, I can barely feel shisha smoke in my lungs. Because of this smoothness and the fact that it is light, filtered, and cooled, I would say that it is very probably the safest form of smoking there is*. And because it takes a few minutes to set up and then a long time to savor (similar to pipes and cigars), shisha smoking is unlikely to entail that psychological addiction for a quick puff that cigarettes can.
      *I know of no published reports on the effects of shisha smoking, either for or against. (If you know of any, please email me.) I did read somewhere that peanut butter and sunshine are quite carcinogenic, however. Make your own choices.
A medium Hookahs
Pot leaf Can I smoke "other things" out of my hookah?
        Hookahs have for centuries been a tobacco-related product and the image of them as a pot or opium-smoking instrument is largely of Western origin. Indeed, it is considered very poor ettiquette in some circles to smoke anything other than shisha in your hookah! However, should you choose to place something else in your hookah bowl, even regular shag tobacco, it is generally a good idea to mix your substance with regular shisha, molasses, or honey so that it is not too dry. If what you are smoking is too dry, it is likely to burn away too quickly, denying you the relaxed puffing inherent to a good hookah experience.
      NOTE: In no way does SnarkDreams or any of its associates advocate or encourage drug use, nor do we assume any responsibility for the actions of our clients. Make your own educated choices.
What kinds of shisha tobacco do you sell?
        We sell over 10 different flavors, and the list continues to grow. For some of the fruit flavors, there is also a "light" kind of tobacco, which we recommend for general non-smokers or anyone looking for a more gentle smoking experience. Shisha costs between $14 and $29 a box. To find out more, please Browse the Merchandise.

A box of apple shisha tobacco
A small Hookah What kinds of hookahs do you sell?
        I mainly sell glass-bottomed hookahs, though small brass or clay hookahs are available upon special request. There are three sizes: small (approx. 21" tall), medium (approx. 26" tall), and large (approx. 33"). These measurements somewhat belie the difference between the types: the small hookah only weighs 1 1/2 kg while the medium one weighs closer to 3 kg. There is also a large difference in the hose size (especially the handle), the size of the glass base, and the general stature of the different hookahs. For these reasons, I suggest you buy at least a medium-sized hookah. To find out more about colors and availabilty, please Browse the Merchandise.

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