Feats marked + are new; those marked ~ are changed.


Pre: 13+ DEX
You gain a straight +1 dodge bonus to your AC.
~Improved Grapple/Trip/Sunder/Overrun/Disarm
As normal. Specifically, you did not provoke an AoO, even if making these attacks unarmed normally would.
~Improved Disarm
As normal. In addition, you can make disarm attempts with a ranged weapon at -4. The ranged attack still provokes AoOs as normal.
~Improved Unarmed Strike
As normal. In addition, you do not suffer a -4 penalty when making an unarmed attack with your offhand as a single attack. (You still suffer any other 2WF penalties normally though.)
~Improved Overrun
As normal, but it is up to you whether to allow your opponent avoids you or not.
~Two-Weapon Fighting
Also eliminates the normal -4 penalty for off-hand attacks, even when not 2WFing.
~Weapon Finese
You may also use DEX instead of STR when calculating your Grapple bonus for any manuever attack made unarmed or with a Finese-qualifying weapon.
~Weapon Focus: Staff
Weapon Focus also lets you use a staff (only) as if you had Two-Weapon Fighting.


Item Creation

~Craft Wand or Staff
Pre: Caster level 5+ This is a combo of the two feats. Creators must still meet all the prereqs for crafted items (such as that all staves must be CL8+).
~Craft Wonderous Item
This now also includes Forge Ring and Craft Rod. Item prereqs must still be met of course.

See also the new spell Siphon Magic Item