Arcane Spells

  1. Arcane MarkDetect MagicGhost SoundLight/ShadowMage HandMessagePrestidigitationRead MagicScribe Scroll
  2. Color SprayComprehend LanguagesCraft Magic ItemDetect UndeadElemental GraspElemental FlashEndure ElementsFeather FallFloating DiskGreaseIdentifyFloating Light/ShadowIdentifyMage ArmorMagic AuraMagic MissileObscuring MistShieldSilent ImageSleep
  3. Arcane LockContinual Light/ShadowElemental RayGhoul TouchInvisibilityKnockLevitateMinor ImageResist EnergyScareSee InvisibilitySpider ClimbWeb
  4. Daylight/DarknessDrain Magic ItemElemental BlastHold PersonMajor ImageProtection from Energy
  5. Fear
  6. Elemental WavePersistent Image
  7. Permanent ImageProgrammed Image
  8. .
  9. .
  10. .

Divine Spells

  1. Create WaterCure/Inflict Minor WoundsDetect MagicDetect Poison or DiseaseGuidanceLight/ShadowMendingPurify/SpoilRead MagicResistance
  2. Bless Allies/Curse FoesBless/Curse WaterCause FearCommandComprehend LanguagesCraft Magic ItemCure/Inflict Light WoundsDetect Chaos/Evil/Good/LawDetect UndeadDivine FavorEndure ElementsEntropic ShieldFloating Light/ShadowMagic WeaponObscuring MistRemove FearSanctuaryScribe ScrollShield of Faith
  3. Aid/AilConsecrate/DesecrateCure/Inflict Moderate WoundsDarkness/DaylightDeath KnellDelay PoisonHold Person Lesser RestorationRemove ParalysisResist Energy
  4. Continual Light/ShadowCure/Inflict Serious WoundsDrain Magic ItemSunlight/Deeper DarknessProtection from Energy
  5. Cure/Inflict Critical Wounds Divine Power
  6. Cure/Inflict Light Wounds, Mass
  7. Cure/Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass
  8. Cure/Inflict Serious Wounds, Mass
  9. Cure/Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass
  10. .

Spell Descriptions

Arcane Lock

(Mag 2; Touch, Perm) [Abj]: Locks target door, chest, or other portal so that it can only be opened by the caster or if the door/seal is physical broken (+10 DC to do so).

Arcane Mark

(Mag 0; Touch, Perm) [Univ]: Inscribes a personal rune (visible or invisible).


Bless Allies - (Clr 1; Close Select, Encounter) [Ench (Compulsion)]: You boost the morale of allies you select (including yourself, if you wish): +mind (Will negates).
(Rev: Curse Foes: As above, but -mind to your selected enemies.)

Aid - (Clr 2; Touch, Encounter) [Ench (Compulsion)]: Target gains +mind (Will negates) and 4±1 temporary HPs.
(Rev: Ail: Target gains -mind (Will negates) and loses any temporary HPs.)

Bless Water

(Clr 1; Touch, Inst) [Trans (Good/Evil)]: You can turn a flask of pure water into holy water, which harms undead and evil outsiders.
(Rev: Curse Water: You instead produce unholy water, which harms good outsiders.)

Cause Fear

(Clr 1/Mag 1; Close, Combat) [Necro (Fear)]: A single living creature becomes frightened if <= 5HD, otherwise is only shaken. (Will neg).

Color Spray

(Mag 1; Half-Close Cone, Inst) [Illus (Pattern)]: A blast of clashing colors affects sighted targets according to the their HD (Will neg):
2HD or less: unconscious (living only) and blinded
3 to 4HD: blinded and stunned for 1 round
5HD or more: stunned for 1 round
The non-magical unconsciousness and blinded effects persist for Combat duration.


(Clr 1; Close, 1 round) [Ench (Compulsion, Language)]: You give a one-word instruction to a single living creature that it must then spend its next turn performing (Will neg). Example commands include: approach, drop/release, fall, flee, halt/freeze (as dazed).

Comprehend Languages

(Clr 1/Mag 1; Personal, Foray) [Div]: You can understand words spoken or written in any natural (non-magical, non-encrypted) langauge, although you cannot speak or write the langauage in return. You must touch the speaking creature or the writing for you to understand the words.


(Clr 2; Close, Day) [Evoc (Good/Evil)]: The area around the caster is blessed by positive energy: clerics are treated as +1 clvl when turning undead; undead cannot be created or summoned in the area; undead suffer -str and -saves while in the area. If the area includes an altar dedicated to your deity, these benefits are doubled.
If cast on an altar of any other diety, it instead severs the spiritual connection for the duration (without blessing the area).
(Rev: Descrate: clerics are at -1 clvl to turn undead; undead created or summoned in the area gain +1 HP per HD; undead in the area gain +1 str and +1 saves. If the area includes an altar to your deity, these benefits are doubled and you can create 2x as many HD of undead with Animate Dead. As with Consecrate, the spell can instead be used to sever the connection between an altar or religious artifact and a deity other than your own.

Craft Magic Item

(Clr 1/Mag 1; Ritual, Personal/Touch, Perm) [Univ]: Allows the caster to craft a magic item, provided she meets the other prereqs for it.

Create Water

(Clr 0; Close, Inst) [Conj (Water)]: Create up to clvl gallons of fresh clean water. Cannot be created within a creature.

Cure/Inflict Wounds Each Cure Wounds spell can be reversed to form an equivalent Inflict Wounds spell. Inflict Wounds causes dmg instead of healing it (Will 1/2), or else heals undead by the given amount. Inflict Wounds are [Necro].

Cure Minor Wounds - (Clr 0; Touch, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: As Cure Light Wounds, but only heals 1 HP. Cannot be a signature spell.

Cure Light Wounds - (Clr 1; Touch, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: Heals a living creature by 4±1 + 1 per clvl (max: +5) HPs. If used on undead, instead deals an equivalent amount of dmg (Will 1/2).

Cure Moderate Wounds - (Clr 2; Touch, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: As Cure Light Wounds, but 8±2 + 1 per clvl (max: +10) HPs.

Cure Serious Wounds - (Clr 3; Touch, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: As Cure Light Wounds, but 12±3 + 1 per clvl (max: +15) HPs.

Cure Critical Wounds - (Clr 4; Touch, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: As Cure Light Wounds, but 16±4 + 1 per clvl (max: +20) HPs.

Mass Cure Light Wounds - (Clr 5; Selected Close, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: As Cure Light Wounds, except multiple targets and max bonus: +25.

Mass Cure Moderate Wounds - (Clr 6; Selected Close, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: As Cure Moderate Wounds, except multiple targets and max bonus: +30.

Mass Cure Serious Wounds - (Clr 7; Selected Close, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: As Cure Serious Wounds, except multiple targets and max bonus: +35.

Mass Cure Critical Wounds - (Clr 8; Selected Close, Inst) [Conj (Healing)]: As Cure Critical Wounds, except multiple targets and max bonus: +40.

Death Knell

(Clr 2; Touch, Inst/Encounter) [Necro (Death, Evil)]: You drain the ebbing life force of a dying creature: Touch a living creature with 0 HP and the creature dies (Will neg). If the creature died, gain +str, 4±1 temporary HP, and 4±1 temporary SP. (These bonuses have an Encounter duration.)

Delay Poison

(Clr 2; Touch, Foray) [Conj (Healing)]: The touched creature becomes immune to the damaging effects of poison for the duration.

Detect Alignment

(Clr 1; Personal/Close, Concentration) [Div]: Choose an alignment: Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law; each version is a different spell. Allows you see to auras of creatures, objects, or spells of that alignment within range. The spell can pierce thin barriers (such as wooden doors).

Detect Magic

(Clr 0/Mag 0; Personal/Close, Conc.) [Div]: See magical auras of magic items, ongoing spells, or spells cast. Auras indicate school of magic involved. This spell can pierce thin barriers (such as wooden chests and thin doors).

Detect Poison or Disease

(Clr 0; Close, Inst) [Div]: Indicates whether a given creature, object, or 5' volume is poisoned or diseased or capable of inflicting poison or disease on another. Will also indicate conditions that are treatable as poison or disease (such as the sickening effect of Ghoul Touch). Know+MIND (DC20) can identify the specific poison/disease.

Detect Undead

(Clr 1/Mag 1; Personal/Close, Concentration) [Div]: You detect the auras of undead creatures within range. The spell can pierce thin barriers (such as wooden doors).

Divine Favor

(Clr 1; Personal, Combat) [Evoc]: By the strength of your deity, gain +1 str per 3 clvls (min: 1; max: 3).

Divine Power

(Clr 4; Personal, Combat) [Evoc]: By the strength of your deity, gain 4 str, 1 temporary HP per clvl, and 1 extra attack per 5 clvls.

Drain Magic Item

(Clr 3/Mag 3; Ritual, Personal/Touch, Perm) [Univ]: Allows the caster to drain magical energy from any number of magical items in her possession. Energy drained is equal to 1/2 of each item's market price, which leaves each drained item disenchanted. Intelligent items and artifacts cannot be drained. The items must be in the caster's possession for the entire 1 hour ritual. The drained energy then begins to slip away during the next hour, so this spell must immediately be followed by Craft Magic Item if the caster wishes to use the drained energy. Any interruption during this 2 hour transfer process means the drained energy is lost.

Elemental Energy Each of the following is considered a different spell depending on the energy type produced: Acid ("Caustic"), Cold ("Freezing", "Icy"), Electricity ("Shocking", "Lightening"), Fire ("Fiery", "Burning").

Elemental Grasp - (Mag 1; Touch, Inst.) [Evoc (Acid/Cold/Electr/Fire)]: Deals 4±1 + 1/clvl.

Elemental Flash - (Mag 1; Half-Close Cone, Inst., Refl 1/2) [Evoc]: Deals 2±1/clvl.

Elemental Ray - (Mag 2; Far Ray, Inst.) [Evoc]: Deals 3±1/clvl.

Elemental Blast - (Mag 3; Area, Inst., Refl 1/2) [Evoc]: Deals 3±1/clvl

Elemental Wave - (Mag 5; Far or Far Cone, Inst., Refl 1/2) [Evoc]: Deals 3±1/clvl

Endure Elements

(Clr 1/Mag 1; Touch, 24 hours) [Abj]: The touched creature (and their equipment) gains protection from natural temperature extremes (from -50°F to 140°F) and any soaking from normal rain or precipitation.

Entropic Shield

(Clr 1; Personal, Encounter) [Abj]: A glowing, multicolored aura protects you from any thrown or projectile weapon ranged attacks: such ranged attacks suffer a 50% miss chance. Protects again enchanted weapons, but not against rays and other magical attacks.


(Mag 4; Close Cone, Combat) [Necro]: All living creatures in the cone must save or be panicked. On a successful save, targets are only shaken for 1 round.

Feather Fall

(Mag 1; Inst, Close Select (1/clvl), Combat) [Trans]: The selected individuals or objects fall slow enough to not take damage on landing. This spell can be cast in an instant upon falling.

Floating Disk

(Mag 1; Half-Close, Day) [Evoc]: A hovering, concave 5'-diameter disk will carry 20 enc/clvl. The disk follows the caster; it will fall to the ground if the caster steps onto it.

Ghost Sound

(Mag 0; Close, Conc) [Illus]: Produces figment sounds. Listener must be in range, but sound may appear to come from any distance.

Ghoul Touch

(Mag 2; Touch, Combat) [Necro]: Living humanoid is paralyzed and exudes a stench that causes all except caster in Close range to be sickened (Fort neg): -2 str. The sickening can be neutralized as per a poison. Target may spend each of its turns to save again against the paralyzing effect. .


(Mag 1; Area or Select Far Object, Combat) [Conj]: Area or object becomes slick: Reflex save to avoid falling or dropping object. Save again each turn that a creature attempts to stand/move through the area or use the object.


(Clr 0; Touch, Combat) [Div]: Grants a +1 to a roll of the target's choice. Once used, the spell ends.

Hold Person

(Clr 2/Mag 3; Far, Combat) [Ench]: Dazes and paralyzes a single humanoid creature (Will neg), though it is still aware and can continue to breathe. The creature may spend each of its turns to make another Will save to end the effect.


(Mag 1; Touch (item)/Close (spell), Inst.) [Div]: Identify the properties/nature of a magical item or spell.


Invisibility - (Mag 2; Touch, Encounter) [Illus]: Touched creature (and its gear) or touched object becomes invisible. Effect ends if recipient attacks a foe.


Silent Image - (Mag 1; Far, Conc) [Illus]: Produces a purely visual illusory figment that fits into an area of 4 + clvl 10' cubes. You can direct the image to move as you desire within the bounds of the effect. Anyone that interacts with the image gets a Will save to see through the illusion.

Minor Image - (Mag 2; Far, Conc) [Illus]: As Silent Image, but with sounds (not including speech).

Major Image - (Mag 3; Far, Conc) [Illus]: As Minor Image, but can include any sound as well as smell and thermal effects.

Persistent Image - (Mag 5; Far, Encounter) [Illus]: As Major Image, but you can set the image to follow a script you set at casting time, so concentration is no longer required.

Permanent Image - (Mag 6; Far, Perm) [Illus]: As Persistent Image, but you can move the image or change the script temporarily by concentrating.

Programmed Image - (Mag 6; Far, Perm/Combat) [Illus]: Upon a certain physical triggering condition you set when cast, a brief (Combat duration) stored Major Image appears.


(Mag 2; Far, Inst) [Trans]: Undoes up to 2 impediments to opening a single door, container, or portal. Impediments include: stuck, barred, chained, locked, arcane locked (which is only suppressed), etc.


(Mag 2; Personal/Selected Close, Encounter) [Trans]: You can move the single selected willing creature or unattended object up or down at will. You can levitate yourself up or down as normal motion (up to normal distance), but it takes a turn to direct the movement of another. The spell does not allow horizontal motion, though a target may pull herself along a vertical face.


Light - (Clr 0/Mag 0; Touch, Foray) [Evoc]: Object shines like a torch.
(Rev: Shadow - Object causes all Close mundane light be only dim and shadowy.)

Floating Light - (Clr 1/Mag 1; Close, Foray) [Evoc]: A bobbing torch-like ball drifts where you direct it within range.
(Rev: Floating Shadow - Ball produces shadow rather than light.)

Continual Light - (Clr 3/Mag 2; Touch, Perm) [Evoc]: As Light, but permanent.
(Rev: Continual Shadow.)

Daylight - (Clr 2/Mag 3; Touch, Encounter) [Evoc]: Object fills Close range with light as bright as daylight.
(Rev: Darkness: Object produces normal darkness, overwhelming any daylight or less light.

Sunlight - (Clr 3; Touch, Encounter) [Evoc]: As Daylight, but light is equivalent to natural sunlight (for purposes of affecting certain undead, etc).
(Rev: Deeper Darkness: Object produces magical darkness, which blocks even darkvision.

Mage Armor

(Mag 1; Touch, Day) [Conj]: Weightless force armor grants +4 armor AC, which also protects against incorporeal attacks.

Mage Hand

(Mag 0; Close, Conc) [Trans]: 5-pound telekinesis.

Magic Aura

(Mag 1; Close, Perm.) [Illus]: Make an item or spell appear to be of a different, or even no/hidden, magical aura at all. Detect Magic will not see a hidden aura. Identify automatically reveals a hidden aura, but requires a Will save to pierce an illusive aura.

Magic Missile

(Mag 1; Area Select, Inst) [Evoc]: Fire 1 + 1 per 2 additional clvls (so at 3,5,7,9) missiles that each do 3±1 damage. Must be able to see at least part of each target; missiles hit unerringly.

Magic Weapon

(Clr 1; Touch, Encounter) [Trans]: The touched manufactured weapon gains a +1 magical enchantment.


(Clr 0; Touch, Inst) [Trans]: Fixes breaks, tears, and holes in a small mundane object. Cannot fix warps, twists, etc., nor can it affect magical items.


(Mag 0; Far, Conc) [Trans]: Whisper a message to any recipient you can see. By concentrating on a recipient, you can hear any whispered replies.

Obscuring Mist

(Clr 1/Mag 1; Close, Inst) [Conj]: The area around the caster fills with a thick, stationary mist: all characters using sight of any kind suffer 20% miss chance within melee range, and total (50%) concealment beyond that. A strong wind or fiery area attack can disperse the mist.


(Mag 0; Personal, 1 hour) [Univ]: Perform minor magical tricks (candle flames, minor flashy illusions, cleanings, etc).

Protection from Energy

(Clr 3/Mag 3; Touch, Foray) [Trans]: Choose an energy type when cast: Acid, Cold, Fire, or Electricty. Target (and equipment) gains temporary immunity to that kind of damage. This spells absorbs 10*clvl points of energy damage, and is then dispelled. (Because this spell offers immunity and is higher slvl, it takes precedence over Resist Energy: if currently subjected to both, this spell first prevents all damage until exhausted.)


(Clr 0; Melee, Inst) [Trans]: A wave of your hand can purify food and drink to remove poison or spoilage. Similarly, you can clean or dry an object or 5' surface (though this does not undo any damage done by being wet or dirty in the first place). You can leave metals shiny and untarnished. Can only reveal an object's pure nature, not change it.
(Rev: Spoil: Your gesture spoils or mildly poisons food, wilts flowers, tarnishes metals, etc., though you cannot actually damage or destroy objects in this way.

Read Magic

(Clr 0/Mag 0; Personal, 1 hour) [Div]: Allows to you to decipher (read) magical writings.

Remove Fear

(Clr 1; Close Select, Inst/Encounter) [Abj]: Choose 1 creature + 1 per 4 clvls. Instantly dispels a single ongoing fear-based effect. If the target is not currently afraid, the protection instead persists for Encounter duration, countering the first fear-based effect the target would have suffered (and then itself ending).

Remove Paralysis

(Clr 2; Select Close, Inst) [Conj]: Can target up to 4 creatures to free them from magical paralysis or slowness. If targeting a single creature, the paralysis is dispelled. If targeting 2 creatures, each gets to save again against the ongoing paralysis effect at +4. If targeting 3 or more creatures, each saves again at +2.

Resist Energy

(Clr 2/Mag 2; Touch, Foray) [Abj]: Choose an energy type when cast: Acid, Cold, Fire, or Electricty. Target (and equipment) ignores the first 10 points (20 points at 7th clvl; 30 points at 11th clvl) of that kind of energy damage from each attack.


(Clr 0; Touch, Combat) [Abj]: Target gains +1 bonus to all saves.

Restoration, Lesser

(Clr 2; Long, Touch, Inst) [Conj]: Dispells all -mods (and associated effects) affecting a single stat, or heals 3±1 damage (but not drain) to a single stat. Also removes any fatigue and reduces exhaustion to fatigue.


(Clr 1; Touch, Combat) [Abj]: Any creature attempting to directly attack the warded creature must make a Will save. On a failure, the creature cannot go through with the attack (and the action is lost, though SP are not). Indirect and area attacks are allowed normally.
If the warded creature makes any attack herself, the spell ends.


(Mag 2; Area Select, Combat) [Necro]: As Cause Fear, but can select up to 1 living creature per 3 clvls.

See Invisibility

(Mag 2; Personal, Foray) [Div]: You can see invisible or ethereal creatures and objects. They appear translucent, so you can tell what may be invisible to others. Does not reveal hiding or concealed objects.


(Mag 1; Personal, Encounter) [Abj]: Weightless invisible disk provides +4 shield AC, protects against incorporeal attacks, and blocks magic missiles.

Shield of Faith

(Clr 1; Touch, Encounter) [Abj]: Touched creature gains +2 deflection AC, +1 per 6 clvls.


(Mag 1; Area Select, Encounter) [Ench]: Up to 4HD of creatures fall into a magical slumber. Does not affect undead, constructs, and the like. Sleeping creatures will awaken to damage or a good shake, but not to noise.

Spider Climb

(Mag 2; Touch, Foray) [Trans]: Target can climb vertical and even overhanging surfaces, moving up to normal speed. However, at least one hand needs to remain in contact with the climbed surface at all times.


(Mag 2; Area, Foray) [Conj]: Fills area with sticky webs, which must be anchored to at least two opposite surfaces. All creatures in the area are entangled: -2 dex. Those that fail a Reflex save are also anchored in place: STR check (DC20) or Phys+DEX (DC25) to wriggle free. Movement is greatly slowed through the web; 5' or more of webbed area may provide cover. The webs are flammable: inst. exposure to flame burns through touched strands, prolonged exposure sets the whole web alight, dealing 4±2 dmg to those in it.