Origin of SnarkDreams

The Jabberwocky scene the SunDial was taken from

SnarkDreams originally came into being in the summer of 1998 as a unique Hotmail email address and grew from there.

Snark comes mainly from Lewis Carroll's poem, "The Hunting of the Snark," but also from other vague, esoteric sources such as Daniel Pinkwater's book The SnarkOut Boys and the Avocado of Death, which I read when I was eleven and is now out of print. In both cases, snark entails something fun, imaginative, and original, but also with some sense of danger or excitement involved: your Snark may well turn out to be Boojum, you see.

Dreams comes mainly from my favorite hobby: sleeping. I find that the best inspirations come in those blank, fuzzy moments on the border between sleep and consciousness when the mind is in an almost primordial state of awareness.

Thus, together, SnarkDreams embodies a sense of continual possibilities, openness of mind, original experiences, and the courage to pursue these despite the involved risks of sacrificing static norms.

In 1999, I started designing web sites. Needing a company name, I stuck with SnarkDreams. I also started an online hookah store in 2000. I consolidated these two small business ventures under the new snarkdreams.com domain in 2000.

The gradual evolution of snarkdreams.com is tracked in this old version history.

Currently, the snarkdreams.com websites are largely dormant.

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