Me, on West Bay in Traverse City at sunset.

Name: Zach Tomaszewski

Email: zach.tomaszewski @

Current Academic Interests: Interactive narrative/drama, programming languages, computer game design, conceptual metaphor, information architecture/web design, WWW protocols.

Recreational Interests: Sleeping, table-top RPG rule-hacking, trying new beers, watching movies, building fictional worlds, playing old-school computer games, traveling, reading fiction, hiking barefoot, snorkeling, people-watching, keeping my computer tuned, adding to the WWW, day-dreaming.

Random Events from my Past:

Basic Timeline:

Sept. 1978Born in Michigan, USA
1979 - 1983Lived on the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, USA
1983 - 1990Lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Attended a British elementary school.
1990Lived on a 33-foot Hans Christian sailboat named Clove of Seasons.
Sailed from Abu Dhabi, around the Arabian Peninsula, up the Red Sea, to Turkey. Did 6th grade through a correspondence course.
1990 - 1991Lived in Izmir, Turkey for 6 months, attending a US military school.
Made a trip to Manistee, Michigan for 6 weeks when buildings in our neighborhood were blown up by terrorists opposed to US involvement in the Gulf War.
1991Returned to the sailboat and sailed to Spain.
1991 - 1993Sold the boat and moved to Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
Completed part of 8th and all of 9th grade there. Made some very good friends; I have returned to Traverse City for at least a couple weeks every summer since then.
1993 - 1994Lived in Bandung, Indonesia for 9 months.
Did 10th grade by correspondence course.
1994 - 1995Lived in Traverse City, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona.
Learned to fly ultralights in Phoenix. Did 11th grade by correspondence and fell far behind schedule.
1995 -1996Returned to Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Did my senior year at the American school there. My parents still live there; I usually visit them once or twice a year.
1996 - 1999Attended Alma College in Alma, Michigan, USA.
Completed my bachelors degree in Philosophy in 3 years. Joined Theta Chi fraternity during my last term.
1999 - 2000Took a year off and spent it in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Considered medical school, but realized that would be a mistake. Followed a long-standing love of books and a new interest in the Web into starting a career in information science. Also backpacked around Europe for a month with my best friend, B.
2000 - 2001Moved to Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA.
Got my masters degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Hawai'i in a year and a half .
Met S.
2002 - 2011Stayed on at UH to get a PhD in Communications and Information Science.
Served as a Teaching Assistant for the Information and Computer Science Department.
Into love with S. Into roleplaying games and interactive narrative too.
2011 - 2013Stayed on at UH to get a MS in Computer Science.
Continued to TA for ICS, and then teach as an instructor.
2013 - ...Moved to Palo Alto to work as the BD Professor at a cool tech company named Palantir.
Married S. in summer of 2014.

More pictures: Me, in Photographic Retrospect.