Me, in Photographic Retrospect

(Life, family, and friends in a trail of grainy JPEGs)

Me, with sunglasses.
Me, Fiji -- 2010.

Me, at a table
Me, Hawaii -- 2003.

Holding it level
Me, holding it level, Fiji -- 2003.
Me and Stacy
Me and my sleepy girlfriend S., Hawaii -- 2003.
Me and my mom
Me and my mom, Australia -- 2001.

Me, on a train.
Me, Australia -- 2001.
Me and my dad
Me and my dad, Fiji -- 2003.
My neighborhood in Hawaii from 2000 to 2010.
My best friend B., Germany -- 2000.
S., Hawaii -- 2003.
High school graduation
Me, senior year of high school, Abu Dhabi -- 1996.
Sans hair
Me, sans hair, Michigan -- 1995.
Me, with friends of high-school summers, Michigan -- 1995.
7th grade
Me, in my 7th grade miltary ID photo,
Turkey -- 1990.
Cyprus cruising kids
Me, with cruising friends, Cyprus -- 1990.
(I'm the one down front.)
Me, washing my first and only car -- 1982.