Ailithorn: Demon Hunter


Ailithorn started as a spin-off D&D Interlude character, but he was shelved after his first session. However, he was revived a few months later to serve as alpha testing for the new Drudge RPG. These events occur in Tellure about a generation or so after the Tellurian Tales.



vol 0: Beginnings (D&D; Sep 07)
Ailithorn is hired for an odd job and finds a small box.


vol 1: The Grotto (Drudge; Mar/Apr 08)
Ailithorn awakes amidst discord; emerging from the grotto; a mane in the meadow; rescue; pain and dreams.
vol 2: Convalescence (May/Nov 08)
Ailithorn meets his rescuer; the extent of his fugue; taking stock.