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As an extreme example of nerddom, I play Dungeons and Dragons by myself. (It's either that, or not play at all.) My true love is world-building. I spend hours creating geography, histories, calendars, characters, general plotlines, and rule variants. But I do get around to actually playing once in a while, which is the whole point. It's a bit of a schizophrenic experience, being PC, NPC, and DM all at once, but I do okay.

This page serves to document only my main storyline, not the entire world of Tellure. The notes here started out as occasional highlight descriptions in emails to a couple friends (reconstructed now into vol. 0s), then a period of stand-alone emails documenting the experience (vols. 1 - 5, trying to hit a stride), and finally just this site. Most of it is probably mind-numbingly boring, but feel free to wander around.

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vol 0a: Meetings (Nov 04)
Introductions on the pass; a first dungeon; rescue of Luceo and Sarah; to Hope Springs.

The Trouble with Orcs

vol 0b: Plague of Durik's Pass (Feb 05)
To Durik's Pass; entering the silver mine to find the source of a plague; pinned down by kobold fire.
vol 0c: Cursed Depths of the Mine (Sept 05)
Assaulting the ledge; the hot bowels of the mine; defeating Jakk, last of the Torn Claw orcs; bedrest recovery.
vol 0d: The Ogre's Stairwell (Sept 05)
Sarah and Luceo protect the local inn from orc looters.
vol 0e: Trouble in the Pass (Oct 05)
The dangerous journey to Gitteras.

Dead of Winter

vol 1a: Into the Cold (Nov 05)
To El Dorado; meeting Lord Khulvan; a river boat up the Tarn; orc ambush; cold snap; Cador.
vol 1b: Cold Deception (Nov 05)
Betrayal by the guide Venya; ambush; Sarah nurses the enemy.
vol 1c: Walking the Path of the Dead (Nov 05)
Reaching the Alvorin; the Path of the Dead; the Oracle, and four fates; joining the tribe.
vol 2: Attack on Shaman's Crown (Dec 05)
Alvorin discussions; to Shaman's Crown with Strohm; a battle with Morgrissa and Barrath; Invellios blinded; dealing with prisoners; owlbear attack on the way back to Cador.
vol 3: Winter Fallout (Feb 06)
Arrests in Cador; to El Dorado; the trials of Venya, Morgrissa, Cordwellyn, and their men; Sarah's disillusionment; return to Tarn; becoming Alvorin; a bit of downtime.

Luceo's Madness

vol 4: Among the Trees of Selil-Lelal (Mar 06)
The party splits as Invellios joins Luceo in his quest for the First Cryptical Book of Hsan; traveling south past the Grihm; saved from orcs by Dea; the rescue of a dryad's tree; reaching the tunnels beneath the Plains.
vol 5: The Library of Nuchal (Jun 06)
Dea leaves Invellios and Luceo to travel through the tunnels to the City of the Dead; the discovery of the tomb of Nuchal; a strange book; Luceo's madness begins.
vol 6: Madness Beneath the Pylon (Jun 06)
Invellios abandons Luceo; reconsidering; Invellios and Dea return; Dea passes through the City of the Dead to the Pylon; the recovery of mad Luceo; escaping the tunnels.
vol 7: The Wishing Well (Jun/Oct 06)
Terrors of the Selil; to the Wishing Well; Invellios faces the trials; the shifting wish-giver; recovery; across the Haran; safe in Celidor.


vol 8: Moutain Flight (Oct 06)
Meanwhile, Rorik, Sarah and Strohm await orders in Cador; to El Dorado; accosted in the street; Allayn's trade caravan; seer's tidings; pursued into the mountains; facing Dominique; a long mountain trek to Mor Dankil.
vol 9: Three Delves (Feb/Mar 07)
Mor Dankil; refused passage through Celidor; spying on Mor Dunehaim; intel from a half-orc; Mor Golen; Rorik is reunited with Boren; dwarven politics; all our heroes are reunited; Rorik's proposal; Boren's choice.
vol 10: The Glitterhame (May/Jun 07)
To Mor Dunehaim; down the back way; a roper; through the storerooms; the Glitterhame caverns; dark undead and foul vermin; a foreboding cold.
vol 11: The Clanholds (Jun 07; Mar/Jun 08; Apr 09)
The oppressive darkness; tomb motes; an allip; shadows; an unlikely ally.

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