Tellurian Tales: Boren Dunehaim

Game Details

RaceGenderAlignmentStarting Stats (after racial mods)
STR  11
DEX   6
CON  12
INT  14
WIS  13
CHA  14
CycleLvlClassFeats + Abilities
--1Aristocrat1Sacred Vow(to Moradin and Way of Kings of Old)
--2Ftr[Weapon Focus: Warhammer]
--3ClrEndurance, [Turn undead, Domains: Good, Earth]
--4Clr+1 WIS
1 - only with 8+INT skill points


Born is 4' 2" tall and 160 lbs, putting him slightly on the tall and slim side of dwarf average. He has tan skin, with brown hair and dark eyes. He used to keep his beard long and well combed, with long braided mustaches. However, he was shorn when he renounced his delve king. His scalp is still lightly scarred from the experience.

Boren is earnest, but reserved. He cares deeply for his fellow dwarf and their way of life. He endeavors to live up the glory of the Kings of Old, and their ideals of benevolence, justice, truth, and chivalry.

Early History

Boren's upbringing was relatively normal. Being great-grandson of the delve-king meant he did receive a noble's education, including history, religion, and politics. He is also an accomplished smith. Though of the royal line, Boren was far from the likely line of succession. He has never really sought to lead or rule. Instead, he always assumed he would serve in some minor role--such as Clan Warden (head of the watch)--and was quite comfortable with that fate.

However, with the sacking of Mor Dunehaim, his life was thrown into a shambles. After sustaining several injuries battling orcs, Boren was swept over the waterfall from the forge down into the Glitterhame, shattering his leg. He managed to crawl into the Crypt of Kings and spent three days lying in a stone coffin, as his leg turned gangrenous. He heard the last of the slaughter and then saw the results of a dark desecration--the rise of orc and dwarf undead. When zombies began to wander among the coffins, he knew it was time to flee.

Boren eventually made his way to Mor Golen, which was under pressure from orc raids and the Grihm. Spending long hours convalescing in the healing wards (his leg never healed right though; he still walks with a severe limp), he watched the clerics at work. He soon took up the cloth of Moradin himself, in an attempt to help and to find a new place for himself in the world. He swore an oath of fealty to a new delve-king and tried to settle into a new life. However, with the return of Rorik, he had to choose between this new life and the old.