Tellurian Tales: Corum

See a map of the Terragosa region.

The Terragosa region is largely removed from the rest of the civilized world by the Mallow Plains and the Low Hills. It has been settled by humans only relatively recently, mostly around the Corum Plains. It is still a wild, dangerous area, threatened by orcs and older inhabitants of the ancient Selil-Lelal forest.

Corum is divided into five districts, or "Manors", each ruled by a local Lord. This is not necessarily a hereditary title, and can be contested at each succession. Some Lords are little better than robber-barons in a frontier land. The Manors are aligned in a loose confederation, overseen when the five ruling Lords meet together in a Council of Lords.

The Manors are as follows:

In the west, encompassing the Tarn Foothills and some of the surrounding forests. Includes El Dorado (capital; large town), Newcastle (fortified small town), and Cador (fortified hamlet). Ruled by Lord Khulvan.
In the southwest, including the Gossan Hills and the eastern shores of Lake Shee. Includes Gitteras (capital; small city), Durik's Pass (small mining town), and Hope Springs (small village).
In the northwest, along the southern shores of Lake Ligassi. Includes Flores (small fishing town), Holly (capital; large town), and Oxbridge (village).
In the northeast, along the Ligassi river and including Lake Galigos (often claimed to be the most beautiful view in all of Tellure). Includes Salveen (small trading town; capital), Namoor (small farming village), and Doom Drop (small fishing and portage town).
In the southeast, including Lake Nekima and all surrounding hills. Includes Onekima (capital; large city--largest in Corum), and Robble's Town (large farming and fishing town). Ruled by Lord Beoric.