Tellurian Tales: Dea

Game Details

RaceGenderAlignmentStarting Stats (after racial mods)
Shalm Elf1FemaleCN
STR  14
DEX  16
CON  10
INT  12
WIS  15
CHA  13
CycleLvlClassFeats + Abilities
--1Drd2Endurance, [Track, Nature Sense, Frenzy 1/day]
--2Drd2[Woodland Stride]
--3Drd2Quick Draw, [Trackless Step]
--4Drd2[Resist Nature Lure], +1 WIS
--5Drd2[Frenzy 2/day]
1 - Shalm Elves are a wild, stealthy subrace of elf
2 - Druid, but with 5 variants from Unearthed Arcana:
--Druidic Avenger (Trading animal companion and wild empathy => Rage and fast movement)
--Whirling Frenzy (a more agile form of Rage)
--Deadly Hunter Druid (Trading armor profs. and wild shape => monk-like armor bonuses, (more) fast movement, and tracking)
--Druid Domains (Druids get 1 nature-related domain (Fire, for Dea))
--Spontaneous Divine Casting


As a Shalm, Dea is a bit smaller than a normal elf at 4' 9". Yet she is oddly curvy and strong for an elf. Her long hair changes color depending on the light--most often a dark reddish-brown, though sometimes appearing closer to black or to red. Up close, red highlights are always evident. Though a bit vain about her hair, she often keeps it tied back or braided when combat seems likely. Her eyes are dark green with deep brown flecks.

Dea wears light, knee-high boots, dark leather leggings, and a high-collared, elven-tailored, dove-grey thistledown tunic. She has a reversible elven cloak--usually a dark, dappled green, but a pale tawny grey inside. She caries a small "Lara Croft"-like pack high on her back; the pack's buckle is a silver circle with nine evenly-spaced gold studs [the symbol of the Circle of 9]. She carries a polished bronze scimitar, filigreed in silver, behind her right shoulder, and a dark bronze sickle at her lower back. On her right thigh is a quiver of specialty dart-like throwing daggers. She travels light, relying on her woodcraft and endurance instead of supplies.

Dea is very passionate, but can seem fickle and capricious at times. She will often wander off with little or no warning, spend days or weeks away, and then show up again. Like the fire she loves, she can be cool at times, but flare up to a frenzied anger or consuming passion. She tends to speak her mind simply and openly [somewhat like 5th Element Leelu and Harry Potter's Luna]. She dislikes the undead. In Shalm fashion, she rarely attacks creatures unless they threaten those she loves or the land she protects. Rather than put herself at risk, she would rather sneak past obstacles, retreat into the forest, or go find others willing to fight her battles (for their own reasons). However, when she does decided to attack (often for rather inscrutable reasons), Dea does so without restraint and is generally loath to retreat from a battle joined.

Early History

Most Shalm elves view all the world as their home, as well as being the home of all other natural creatures. They tend not to be territorial or aggressive, but wander at will in all natural settings. However, due to their elusive wandering, they are often mistrusted as spies and sneaks. Therefore, when not on walkabout, most Shalm live in the remote, northern reaches of the Kala Moraine, far to the East.

The Shalm primarily worship Gaea (Obad-Hai/Shalm), the neutral nature deity, rather than the elven pantheon. Most are druids. Some are associated with a mysterious religious organization called The Circle of 9, somehow connected with prophesy and the end of the world.

Dea is currently in an apprentice-like role with one of the last Guardians of the ancient Selil-Lilal forest. She does not discuss the details of her duties, obligations or history with others, however, so little more is known.