Tellurian Tales: Invellios

Game Details

RaceGenderAlignmentStarting Stats (after racial mods)
STR  11
DEX  18
CON   8
INT  16
WIS  13
CHA   9
Cycle LvlClassFeats + Abilities
--1RogWeapon Focus: Longbow, [Sneak Attack +1d6]
--2Ftr[Point Blank Shot]
Orcs3FtrRapid Shot, [Precise Shot]
Winter4Rog[Evasion], +1 DEX
Madness5Rog[Uncanny Dodge, S.A. +2d6]
Madness6Arc Th1Defensive Archery2, [Uncanny Dodge (can't be flanked), Detect Magic 1/day, Spells]
1 - Arcane Theif (personal prestige class)
2 - from Races of the Wild


Invellios is a wiry elf, slightly taller than average at 5' 2". He has dark, tousled, shoulder-length hair, often tied back with a leather thong. He is rather tan for an elf. He dresses in dark brown leathers, and a dark green (nearly black) cloak, usually with the hood up. He is missing the top half of his left ear.

Long travel has made Invellios seem older than his years. He is taciturn, nearly to the point of seeming sullen at times. He has a dry, sarcastic wit though.

Early History

Invellios was born in Celidor to respectable parents late in their lives. However, he never seemed to fit in. His parents felt aloof to him. Other children were polite but not overly friendly. His black hair is rather an oddity among elves, and sets him apart in a crowd of them. Growing up, Invellios frequently desired companions, but would then feel stifled by their needs and demands. Though he often considers it something deep in himself that has alienated him from others, in truth, his disconnection from others is not as severe as he believes--he's just never really learned how to make friends.

From a very early age, Invellios has suffered a strong travel lust, a chaffing need to move on. He "ran away" from home at the age of 92 (equivalent of about age 14 in a human). In truth, had he expressed his needs, his parents would likely not have held him back, and may even have helped him by establishing contacts among other elven communities. Instead, he met the human Hodge and joined his traveling caravan, freak show, and performance troupe. During the years with Hodge, Invellios did a bit of carny work--tumbling, pick pocketing, juggling, etc. In regions far removed from elves, he was a novelty in himself and performed trick bow shots on stage. At night, he learned thieving tips from Hodge and other carnies.

Invellios traveled so for 16 years, the human pace of moving on fitting his moods. From the seedy underbelly of a gypsy human life, he saw much wealth and poverty, kindness and cruelty, and meddling, abusive "do-gooders". It drove him to a belief that the best policy is that everyone look after their own interests, and help only those that explicitly ask for it. He saw that wealth tends to corrupt people, who use the accompanying power to badger others. He believes that if you're not willing to carry something with you every day or else don't use it every day or two, you don't really need it. He has picked up the habit of relieving wealth from those who don't really need as much as they have--including the dead, gods and temples (especially evil/domineering ones), and the rich (especially those rude or abusive to others, or who are so wealthy as to need vaults and security details to protect it). He usually sells or trades treasure he doesn't need for things he does; he has been known to donate treasure to the needy on occasion.

With the retirement of Hodge from the troupe, Invellios began to wander on his own for a couple years. He returned to Celidor a couple times to a warm welcome, but quickly felt out of place and disconnected there, and so he did not stay long.

Invellios has never shared the story of how he came to lose most of his left ear.