Tellurian Tales: Strohm Keeth

Game Details

RaceGenderAlignmentStarting Stats (after racial mods)
Alvorin (Makaneth)MaleN
STR  15
DEX  16
CON  16
INT  12
WIS  13
CHA  10
CycleLvlClassFeats + Abilities
--1W.F. Rgr1Dodge, [Track, F. Enemy: (Sub)Giants]
--2W.F. Rgr1[Weapon Focus: Falchion]
--3FtrMobility, [Power Attack]
Winter4Ftr[Cleave], +1 STR
1 - Weapon-Focus Ranger, a variant granting W.Focus instead of 2-Weapon Fighting


Strohm is 6'4" and a burly 290 lbs. His body is covered in short, tan-grey hair. He has a flat, dark blue nose, a wide toothy mouth, and dark brown eyes.

Early History

Strohm is a fighter of the Middle Circle. In Makaneth Alvorin society, the Inner Circle includes the Elders--the chieftain and his advisors, shamans, monks, and clerics. The Outer Circle includes the everyday scouts, hunters, and patrols. The Middle Circle are those warriors who receive special training and undertake those tasks that serve the interest of the clan as a whole--such as special quests for the Inner Circle, diplomatic missions, etc.

Strohm's name is in honor of Keith Francis Strohm, author of The Dead Of Winter scenario, which provided much material for the Dead of Winter cycle, as well as for Corum politics and geography.