Tellurian Tales (vol 0b): Plague of Durik's Pass

24 Sept

The party arrives at Durik's Pass, which is crippled by plague. The plague was first seen in the miners returning from the nearby silver mine. Our heroes enter the mine to find its upper living quarters now occupied by kobolds, rats, and even a dire weasel.

DM's Highlight:
"At one point, the adventurers burst in on a room of kobolds. Invellios dashed across the room to leap up onto a table for a better sniping angle. But he rolled a 1 on the jump roll--a critical failure! He caught his foot on the table edge, completely sprawled across the table, and dropped his bow off the far side. He had to spend the next round rolling off the table and trying to find his bow. It was pretty hilarious, actually; mostly because he's such a dour character. :) Later on in the battle, he did try to save face by climbing more carefully onto the table."

Traveling further into the mines proper, the heroes enter a large, dark cavern filled with stalagmites. Suddenly, the air is filled with crossbow bolts whizzing down from a ledge above them. Luceo takes a blow and crumples, but Rorik hauls him back and pours a healing potion down his throat. The party dashes further into the cavern to find cover behind some stalagmites.

Durik's Pass and its plague--with only minor modifications--comes from the adventure The Burning Plague by Miguel Duran. It is downloadable from

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