Tellurian Tales (vol 0e): Trouble in the Pass

06 Oct

In Gitteras, Rorik and Invellios hear of the orc attack on Durik's Pass. The area still crawls with orcs, and it takes them two days to find passage back on Lake Shee.

09 Oct

The party is reunited. Considering the request Rorik and Invellios received in Gitteras, they decide to go to Dhunraven. Invellios seeks a change of view, and a break from orcs. Luceo hopes the new area might provide a new source of arcane lore. Sarah realizes that the plague is over here, and she hopes her healing skills will be of greater use in Dhunraven. Rorik is the most hesitant to leave the area of his sacked home, but he is reluctant to let his new friends go alone into danger. He knows there will surely be an opportunity to wreak revenge on various orcs on the road to Dhunraven.

10 Oct

The party leaves for Gitteras. Late in the afternoon, as they round a curve in the road carved into the edge of a hill, they spy two ogres and six Blue-Eye orcs coming along the road towards them. Combat ensues!

Invellios scrambles up the slope high enough to snipe down on the orcs on the road. Despite being hit by an orc javelin, he maintains his rapid fire. A couple orcs sneak up from the far side of the hill and charge him though. Both hit him with their greataxes, dropping him to the stone and rubble.

Meanwhile, Rorik is getting clobbered by the ogres on the narrow road, and Luceo slinks behind him, losing every other spell to arcane spell failure. Sarah tries to scramble up the slope to heal the crumpled, dying Invellios, but the orcs around him fend her off. Yet, in turn, she keeps them from scrambling back down to the road to flank everyone else.

Thwarted by the young cleric, the biggest orc on the cliff starts fuming and raging. First, he pulls the javelin out of Invellios and hurls it down at Rorik. Then he picks up Invellios, resists a Hold Person from Sarah, and tries to throw the unconscious elf down on Rorik too. Luckily, it is a weak throw, and Invellios falls short, landing on the mildly-soft bodies of a slain ogre and a couple orcs.

Sarah dashes in to heal him just in time, and Rorik finally takes out the ogres with his axes. The party is victorious, but only barely--out of spells, out of breath, and nearly out of life. They spend the night cowering in a small cave, the entrance covered in brush.

Oct 11

The party makes Gitteras, where they shop and have some of their found items identified.

Oct 12

They meet with the Dhunraven ambassador, who explains Dhunraven is hard pressed. The recent orc raids threaten their eastern border, while, in the mountainous west, relations with barbarous hobgoblins begin to sour. Most recently, a trading party sent to negotiate with the hobgoblins has gone missing.

The party arranges with a gnome named Elgo to travel with his merchant caravan across the Corum Plains, hoping that greater numbers will protect them from orc attack.

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