Tellurian Tales (vol 0a): Meetings

12 Sept (Thursday)

Shortly after midnight, the Blood Ear clan of the Ulaan orc tribe attacked the dwarven delve of Mor Dunehaim.

14 Sept

Learn more about Invellios and Rorik.

Near sunset, Invellios travels NE along the Ufta Pass. He notices three orcs sneak into a copse of trees. Among the trees, in a small glade, sits a weeping dwarf before a small fire, his axe at his side. Invellios draws his bow. Before he can decide whether to interfere, one of the orcs notices him and sounds the alarm. The dwarf leaps up, and the battle in joined.

When the orcs lay dead, the dwarf introduces himself as Rorik Dunehaim, recently fled from the sacking of his home. Considering the prevalence of orcs, the two decide to travel together out of the Canova Hills.

15 Sept

Learn more about Luceo and Sarah-Maria.

The two find the entrance to a small dungeon--perhaps once a dwarven way-station. They decide to explore it. They face kobolds, zombies, and giant fire beetles. In a back room they find a skinny mage in dark robes cowering in the corner, a black bird perched upon his shoulder. His face is magically branded with the shadowy Mark of the Outcast--the sign of a neophyte in certain dark cults. He begs for leniency, explaining that he is on the run from his former order. He offers to join them and promises to lend what magic skills he can to their aid.

Deeper into the ruins, near a back entrance they find an enclave of goblins, led by a small-time goblin wizard. In one of the cells, they hold a young cleric captive. When freed, she too joins the party.

16 Sept

Learn a little about the Confederated Manors of Corum.

The party reaches the village of Hope Springs, in the manor of Gitteras.

22 Sept

After a period of recovery, the party (each individually at loose ends) decides to travel on together to the nearby village of Durik's Pass. News claims the town suffers from a strange and sudden plague, and a reward is offered to any who can bring about a cure.

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